System Usage Training

Our expert team of trainers will provide initial comprehensive systems training, focusing on:

  • Standard operating procedures
  • Interpretation and analysis of test results
  • Implications for follow-up recommendations

We have tailored the below range of specialised training programmes in order to meet your specific needs. Our instructors employ both classroom presentations and hands-on training to help students become competent users of the XTE system.

Basic Operations

Advanced Technical

Strategic Planning

For Operators
The Basic Operations Course provides foundational instruction and practice on every aspect of operating your equipment. Operators learn what the equipment does, how to use it properly and effectively, and everyday tips and techniques. The outcome is to ensure operators have the appropriate skill level in order to correctly and safely use the XTE Test & Evaluation System.
For Supervisors & Engineers
The Advanced Technical Course focuses on equipping supervisory personnel with the advanced skills and knowledge required to perform a training function. It covers extensive technical documentation on the design of XTE standards, comprehensive examination techniques and results analysis.
For Management
This course is aimed for Senior Management in the optimisation of XTE Test & Evaluation System to its maximum potential. Through implementation of standards (ISO) and a understanding of the economic benefits that can be derived, executive decisions can be made to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
Course Outline
  • Occupational Health & Safety

  • Introduction to XTE Standards

  • Radiation Safety

Course Outline
  • Design of XTE Standards

  • Test Examination & Scoring

Course Outline
  • Regulatory Requirements

  • Efficiency in Quality Control

  • Performance & Serviceability

We do provide optional training modules and can customise a combination of the above to a package that fits your needs.